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Reach Every User, on Every Device

Are You Ready for the Multi-Device Web?

Over 35% of global internet traffic is now coming from mobile and tablet devices. UI Farm uses Responsive Design to design and create perfect web solutions for the multi-device world.

Who Needs It?

In short, everyone. If you have a website then it is imperative that you offer a great experience for your users across all devices.

  • The time is now – almost 80% of UK smartphone owners are accessing the internet everyday on their mobile device.
  • A bad experience on a mobile device leaves nearly 50% of all users unlikely to return to a site and almost 60% would not recommend your business to others.
  • High performing site across devices leads to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversion.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive websites adapt based on the device, tailoring the visual design and layout of the content. This increases site engagement and provides the user with an optimal user experience no matter what device the site is being viewed on – whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or otherwise.

Main Benefits of Responsive Design

By having one website on a single URL, search engines like Google only need to index one set of pages. This makes your organic search methods device agnostic and you don’t need to spend time and money to optimise your site on mobile products.
Focus on what is most important – the content that will actually engage your users and encourage them to take action on your site. Responsive design allows you to target your audience and provide them with the content that they really need.
Future proof your website so that it will work on all devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or a TV connected to the web. By investing in this, you’ll have a sustainable website and you won’t have to worry if a new device comes out.
Delivered on a single URL with a single code base, it eliminates the need for a separate mobile version or a specific app, which can become hard to maintain and extremely costly.

As a result this will drive up your conversions, increase brand value, keeps customers happy and improve the performance of your online marketing.

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